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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Japanese Prank Show

How to Overclock Your Video Card

You can increase the gaming performance of your computer by overclocking your video card. Overclocking is a technique that makes a given hardware part to operate at a clock frequency above its standard frequency, thus increasing its performance. In this tutorial we will explain in details how to overclock your video card, with several tips and tricks.

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Coin In Plate With Water

Coin In Plate With Water - video powered by Metacafe

Howto clean LCD displays

LCD screens are commonly found in laptops, PDAs, iPods and high definition TVs. If you look around your home, you will probably see 5 or more of these screens in your presence. They are everywhere!

However, anyone who owns any type of LCD screen knows there is one minor problem with them. These screens or displays gather dust and dirt like there is no tomorrow. Just within a few weeks of purchasing your once pristine LCD screen, it starts picking up lint, dust particles, and smudges -- ruining your full enjoyment of this technical marvel.

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Flow In Games A Jenova Chen MFA Thesis

Here's the link to play the game.

Huge Vagina

Richard Dawkins - The Big Question: Why are we here?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

iTALK . Apple Cell Phone Spec Commercial

Fear of Girls

Crazy Driver

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Psychic Drawing

Let the blonde jokes begin

6 Sex Secrets To Keep Your Girl Wanting More

It doesn’t take an expert to know how to thrust and pump your way into five minutes of euphoria. Shoot, your dog does it on call without a problem. However fellas, there comes a time when you all should know that there is a big difference between sparks and explosions when it comes to a woman’s orgasm. The bottom line is, we all damn well deserve to be sexually satisfied in our relationships and though “wam bam thank you mam” might be great for you, sometimes that’s just not enough for us ladies. Please don’t let sex with your chicas become just another bland routine. Consider the following six sex secrets your personal guide to ensuring that her kitten keeps on purring. Trust me, after reading this you’ll have her working for all your "milk".

Okay, I know that some women are very adamant about making masturbation seem taboo in front of men, but the truth is, 99% of us are having a ball (or two) with ourselves on that lonely Sunday evening while you’re out watching football with the guys. While some of us still prefer to hand wash, vibrators have quickly worked their way into becoming a girl’s second best friend. Please don’t get jealous or feel like this is a blow to your ego, just remember that this is a toy and nothing beats the intimacy only you can give her. Let’s view this as another way of exploring alternative routes to her orgasm. Think about how her little buzz buddy will especially come into handy if you’re car runs out of gas and she’s still expecting you to drive her down Avenue O. Vibrators can introduce her to new levels of pleasure you both never knew existed. Not to mention it will leave her tingling long after the battery dies. However, you never know if your sweetie might be included in the one percentile of women who have not yet discovered the power of masturbation. If you’re not sure how she would feel about bringing “someone” else into bed, be sure to talk it over with her way before doing the deed. Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and will run you anywhere from $15 to $100. Think of it as…the higher the price, the stronger her orgasm!


Ronaldinho fantastico overhead/bicyle kick v Villarreal

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Car has too much weight

Crazy Pilot Flies Through Hole In Mountain

Bouncy Balls Video

Bruce Lee Animation

Microsoft - the Origin of Control Alt Delete

How its made - strong alcohol

Evolution of gaming

Speed Talking

Friday, November 24, 2006

Alkali metals

You Can Pick Your Doctor, and You Can Pick Your Nose…

This is a classic Damn Interesting article which was originally published on 17 December 2005.

In the scientific and medical communities, the technical name for using one's finger to extract boogers is rhinotillexis, and doing so compulsively is termed rhinotillexomania. The act of eating the resulting harvest is called mucophagy.

There is an Austrian doctor who has gained notoriety by advocating the picking of one's nose and the consumption of the resulting bounty, particularly in children. Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist working in Innsbruck, would have us believe that people who pick their noses with their fingers are healthier, happier, and more in tune with their bodies. His argument stems from the notion that exposing the body to the dried germ corpses helps to reinforce the immune system. The good doctor feels that society should adopt a new approach to nose-picking, and encourage children to take up the habit.


How to Bypass a Windows XP Password Without any Programs

Bullet Dodging 6 years old brain damaged/autistic girl

Amazing picture done entirely on MS Paint

Below is the link to the picture, you have to see it for yourself to be amaze.

How cocaine is made

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Top 10 Scariest Video Games

Easy Mental Multiplication Trick

Easy Mental Multiplication Trick - video powered by Metacafe