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Monday, January 22, 2007

Internet speed benchmark: Windows XP vs Vista

With the Windows Vista coming out soon, I have seen various benchmarks on games and performances comparing with Windows XP. But hey, have you seen any comparison on internet speed? And why do I want to know it? Because Windows Vista has the “Next Generation TCP/IP Stack”, some of us are surely curious whether this new technology have any impact on the download speed or upload speed. Below are some of the new features:

  • Dual IP layer architecture for IPv6
  • Easier kernel mode network programming
  • Support for a strong host model
  • New security and packet filtering APIs
  • New mechanisms for protocol stack offload
  • New support for scaling on multi-processor computers
  • New extensibility
  • Reconfiguration without having to restart the computer
  • Automatic configuration of stack settings based on different network environments
  • Supportability enhancements
  • Better support for computers that roam between networks
  • Better support for developers of multicast-enabled applications and networks
  • TCP performance enhancements for high-speed networks, asymmetric satellite links, and wireless and other high loss networks
  • Improved portability of the Next Generation TCP/IP stack to other Microsoft operating systems such as Windows CE, Xbox, and Windows Embedded
  • Improved resistance against all known TCP/IP-based denial of service and other types of network attacks

With all the new features and improvements I am just curious whether it is faster than Windows XP? So I hope somebody or some group can benchmark for me. Thanks for reading.


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