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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Seven Questions You Should Never Ask

1. “Is that your real hair color?” Even if you think that her current hair color is not her natural color or that her hair extensions stick out, don’t make the mistake of letting her know that you suspect that what she has on her hair may not be all hers. She’ll spend time worrying about her looks and less time concentrating on you.

2. “How much do you weigh?” Why would you need to know that? A woman’s weight is a sensitive area to nearly everyone. It is not particularly memorable or appropriate to talk about pounds or kilos over dinner. Once you get to know her a little better and she feels more comfortable around you, then you might not care what she weighs.

3. “Do you want to have sex?” This one question has the potential to get your face slapped. Even if that’s the only thing on your mind, have some class. She’s going to see you as a very direct person (best outcome) or a prick (probable outcome). Women in general do not feel comfortable answering questions that have to do with sex on a first date. If you don’t want her to think that you are a jerk, then stay away from this question. Wait for the appropriate time. Be patient. You just might get what you have been asking when you least expect it. Human nature being what it is, a man and a woman who like each other, usually end up becoming intimate at some point.

4. “Do you think you and I have a future together?” Unless you can tell within the first 20 minutes that this person is the one for you, why would you expect that they’d be able to decide about you? Sure, most women want long term relationships, but they only want it when they have determined for themselves that you are the one. Asking this question on your first date can put pressure on your date. It can even cause a little panic. Don’t let your date come to a screeching halt by asking relationship related questions.

5. “How much money do you earn or have?” This is none of your business on the first date. Don’t be a jerk by asking this question as she’s sure to think that you are a gold digger. Avoid asking any questions about money, property or other financial matters. You are on the date because you want to know the person, inside and out-not just for how much money she has in her bank account. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t tell her all of your assets on the first date.

6. “What is your bra size?” Even if you are a “boobs man”, don’t make a boob of yourself by asking a question that will make you seem only interested in her boobs. Women want to know that you like them for they way they are on the inside instead of what they look like on the outside. A woman’s bra or cup size is not a determinant of who she is as a person. Try to rise above your shallowness. Don’t try to judge the book by her cover!

7. “Will you pay for your meal?” Asking this question when you are in a restaurant makes you looks very cheap. If you were the one who asked the woman out, then you are expected to pay for the date unless there was a previous agreement that the bill will be divided between the two of you. If you want your date to pay for her half, arrange that when you make the date. Anything else makes you look like the cheapskate you probably are.