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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Quick Tips for PPC Advertisers

Came across this article and found it interesting. Enjoy...

1. Research keywords people in your business are looking for that have very little competition
2. Include that keyword in your headline, ad body, and display url (if possible)
3. Write a catchy headline, a second line that is a feature, and the last line a benefit
4. Base each ad group on one keyword
5. Make sure every keyword in your ad group contains the keyword for that group
6. Start with fewer keywords and build on that
7. Split test every ad and drop the poor performer
8. Set your daily budget as high as possible to give your ad the most exposure (reduce cost per click if needed)
9. Deliver your ads using the accelerated method
10. Show your ads in industrialized countries as they will spend money (USA, Australia, UK, Canada)